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Meet Your Mentor

Payal Dutta

Payal Dutta a GHSC Hypnotherapist, Mind and consciousness coach.
India’s Foremost Coach in Ancient Holistic Mind Healing, an art of combining Psychology with mythology.
She has an experience of 7+ years in various healing modality and she has done an extensive research on human mind in detailed, done study on neurolinguistic programming (NLP).
She is a certified hypnotherapist and a past life regressionist. She has her expertise on inner child therapy and family constellation. 
She is a follower of philosopher Carl Jung and is following his footstep. 
She has also done research in Hindu philosophy and is great believer of mythology in human life. 
She has derived her knowledge with the help of her Occult powers and now has concluded. 
She is on a mission to spread her work to the man kind to help them enhance their life. 
She has healed and shown light to 1000s of clients and now on a mission to rise the vibration of mankind and spread it worldwide. 
She is inviting you to join this noble cause my healing yourself as it is well said charity begins from home.
She quotes, “Healing yourself Heals society.”




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The webinar offers tools for self-discovery, holistic healing, and empowerment. You’ll learn to eliminate negativity, address root causes of challenges, and connect with your higher self for intuitive decision-making.

No prerequisites are required. This webinar is designed for individuals of all backgrounds and experiences. Come as you are and be ready to embark on a transformative journey!

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No, this webinar will not be recorded. We believe in the power of live interaction and encourage participants to attend the scheduled sessions for the fullest experience.

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3 Hours Free live Webinar With the world's foremost Ancient holistic mind and consciousness coach.