Payal Dutta is a certified GHSC hypnotherapist, author,NLP and Consciousness coach, and a healer by heart as she has been in the occult field for 13 years and wondered learning various occult art like Reiki, Pranic healing, Lama ferra, Crystal healing, Angel healing, DNA Matrix, Akasaki records, Family constellation, 5D healing, Past life regression, mediumship, and psychic reading. In the process she has develop a new form of healing and have coined it Cosmic Consciousness. She is a Fashion designer turned NLP and Consciousness Coach previously she used to design for your body now she designs for your mind and soul. She is a seeker by nature. She has done a lot of research on human mind and the reason why people behave in certain way and why we can’t change ourselves easily its all because our unconscious incompetence, she helps you develop your conscious competence with the help of NLP for self-mastery and then slowly lead you to develop a powerful connection with the Super conscious mind with the help of collective mind and five elements to connect with your higher self and your higher purpose. Know your AVATAR is the quest she is working on. And completely dedicated to create heaven on earth.